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Bee Population

Bees are the most important pollinators in the world’s food supply chain. An astonishing 35% of the world’s food supply is entirely dependent on the bees capability to pollinate. This means one thing: The fate of millions of species and billions of dollars of global crops rides on their tiny backs. Bee colonies are collapsing around the world as parasites, pesticides and habitat destruction become increasing more common. For the first time this year, the bubble bee in the US was declared [...]

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Project 04

Challenge: Mr. & Mrs.Brown is young couple in Alexandria,Virginia who has just purchased a home. The backyard is a characterless, dull and uninspiring environment: a small concrete patio and a humdrum patch of grass. Solutions: Xtra Care Landscaping created a Unique design: a below ground Jacuzzi and a large flagstone patio. Now, the backyard is a place where Mr. & Mrs. Brown enjoy their evenings together and love to invite their friends and family over. The Project is only half done, with [...]

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Project 03

Challenge: Mrs.Sigil was dealing with a multitude of problems in the backyard after purchasing her home. There was a water accumulation problem, the pool had leaking issues, the patio was disintegrating and the yard was completely over taken by overgrown plants. Solutions: Xtra Care Landscaping updated the backyard with her budget in mind. We added more wood around the pool, giving it a more modern feel and look. We built a waterfall for the pool, giving it more life and making it [...]

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