Project 20

Challenge: This job was one of the most challenged 2018 projects we had. The backyard had no use, the house had a serious drainage issue, unsafe retaining walls and steps. Client also had no access to go from the side of the house to the back. Solution: We established layers of wood retaining walks in the back giving the slope a very nice look. Re-build existing dry stack walls, stone steps to give access to deck and a set od wood steps [...]

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Project 19

Challenge: This project brought us challenges in different levels, very nice location but with no privacy. Solution: We were able to create a perfect spot offering the client a chance to enjoy the different Seasons throughout the year. Also, the wood fence brought the client that wanted privacy and the tall trees now deliver a beautiful green color to the area. To enhance even more the space, the new firepit and patio we built completes the magnificent and enjoyable environment. [...]

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Project 18

Challenge: Install a colorful garden for 2018 Spring and Summer as a complement to the lovely waterfall we installed prior. Solution: We added some perennials and annuals that will bring a remarkable blooming for the 2019 season and provide the client that amazing glimpse to the area where is now fully made to be spent with family & friends.    

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Project 16

Challenge: Make a new walkway to match current look of the house, add a new landscaping to complement some of the existing. Solution: We installed a new walkway with a grey color that now matches the wooden window panels shutters of the front of the house. We incorporated a new landscape with existing plant material and the result came out simply amazing bringing that clean glance to the house.    

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Project 14

Challenge: Mr. Jacobs and his Associate were ready to open a new Restaurant at a public space in DC area. The owners wanted to invest on the Business and improve the entrance of the Restaurant to better receive their clients. Solution: Xtra Care created a landscape Plan in sync with a Sediment and Control Plan. This was a complex project that brought a challenge to us, although we developed the entire project with no complications and the results were better than expected! [...]

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Project 13

Challenge: Mrs. Patterson and her partner live in North West, DC. Their backyard is composed by weeds and some old concrete structures that need to be re-done. The metal fence around the perimeter also needs some improvements. Solution: Xtra Care worked on a plan that brought a better look to the back of the house. The improvements were very satisfactory. The old concrete section got a new look once it was replaced by pervious pavers. The new wood fence installed around the [...]

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Project 12

Challenge: Mrs. Sternberg bought a new home in Potomac area. This client came from CA and was looking to re-do her landscaping. The interior of the house was very contemporary but was not matching with the outside area. Solution: Xtra Care developed an extraordinary plan to this house, especially for the entrance. The very nice shape irregular steps also brought more elegance to the yard along with the beautiful and colorful Landscaping. Against the house, another list of stone work was done [...]

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Project 11

Challenge: Mrs. Sigal and her family live in Potomac, MD, and are Xtra Care`s current clients. We previously did their entire back ad front yards. The yards are lovely, although, the clients needed an improvement: remove an existing and unsafe bridge that connected the living room with the Pool area. Solution: Xtra Care worked on a special plan that brought more charm to the area and added that special look wished by our clients. We installed a Garden bridge that gives access [...]

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