Project 44

Challenge: Home located in DC area, very narrow backyard. Clients were looking to bring a more natural look to the area and make it more enjoyable to family and friends. Solution: Xtra Care cleaned up the entire backyard by cutting back trees, shrubs, and perennials, and created a small creek, which brought the family that clear and natural look they wished for. We also installed some new plants which gave a special touch to the space.

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Project 43

Challenge: Beautiful backyard with no useful space for gathering of family and friends. Client was seeking to have a space for entertainment throughout the entire year. Solution: Xtra Care created an area where we installed an enclosed gazebo, placed on top of a nice patio constructed by us as well. The new scenario will certainly enable the client to enjoy it throughout the 4 seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. al and flat.

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Project 42

Challenge: House located in NW, Washington DC. Backyard was full of unlevel areas, grading was a big point here, and the client wanted to make it more practical and flat. Solution: Xtra Care installed a series of retaining walls to retain the grading, the walls varied in heights which made the area flatter and more leveled. Also, looking at the aesthetics of the yard, it was very valued. The greyish of the walls along with the new greens (sod and trees), brought [...]

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Project 41

Challenge: This project was full of details and brought us quite a challenge. The clients wanted to completely re-do the backyard and make it more functional to spend time with daily and friends by removing their existing small deck, get rid of all the weeds, and old plant material that were taking over the great space the yard offered. Solution: Xtra Care came up with a great plan, we installed a new wood timber wall, re-graded the area where an artificial turf [...]

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Project 40

Challenge: Clients needed an Entire Backyard Buildout - patio, deck repair, grading, garden beds, walkways. This project brought us a great challenge, it required leveling a very steep and large backyard, was complex with multiple retaining walls. Solution: XtraCare built about 7 retaining walls of different sizes including a beautiful curved one that requires DCRA inspection, five different walkways, two patio areas, five staircases connecting various areas, and a permeable paver driveway. We laid out 52 tons of boulders to create two [...]

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Project 39

Challenge: Client had just purchased a house and the backyard was unfinished, he had a square plot of grass that sloped away from the house. His goal was to turn the yard into a functional backyard for socializing and some future gardening. Solution: Xtra Care gave an excellent suggestion to the client; he was very satisfied with the results. We installed a greyish paver patio complemented by some paver steps and a beautiful pergola in the center. The stone path to the [...]

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Project 38

Challenge: Townhouse in Silver Spring, Maryland, very charming in its own way. Client wanted to give a face-lift to the entrance of the house, adding a type of free-maintenance and mix of new landscaping, and some re-surfacing to the hardscape sections. Solution: Xtra Care came up with a simple plan that beautified the area, we re-surfaced the porch, stairs, and walkway with Veneer stone, added a nice piece of artificial turf, and surrounded the area with some green landscaping along with a [...]

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Project 37

Challenge: Charming house located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Client was looking to give a special touch to the front of the house by adding new landscaping and updating the look of the existing hardscape. Solution: Xtra Care re-surfaced existing stoop by installing flagstone and added a new walkway, which brought a total new look to the entrance of the house. We also added a charming landscaping to complement and give more life to the area.

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Project 36

Challenge: Client wanted to renovate his backyard and make it a more enjoyable space by adding new hardscape that would complement the existing landscaping the yard offers. We had some drainage issues to deal with as well. Solution: Xtra Care came up with a beautiful plan, we installed a lovely paver patio that enhanced the area, a paver wall along the patio which included a drainage behind it. The boulders, the stone path, and the irregular steps brought that final special touch [...]

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Project 35

Challenge: Lovely home situated in Cheverly city, sizable yard with lots to offer. Clients were looking to add walls and a patio to the area, and lastly, enhance the look of their charming pond. Solution: Xtra Care created a plan that made our clients incredibly happy, a beautiful flagstone patio was installed along with a dry stack stone wall that brought a special touch to their fireplace area. We also renovated the outsides of the pond which created a nice setting for [...]

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