Project 29

Challenge: A family located in Bethesda came to us asking for advice on transforming their backyard from being only a grassy area to a more enjoyable environment where they could spend time during the Spring and Summer with friends and family. Solution: We installed a beautiful paver patio in the back, rounded-shaped, with a granite color, which brings the environment a lovely contrast matching up with their existing deck and house. The space is now used for family/friends gathering offering at the [...]

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Project 28

Challenge: These clients are in North Potomac and needed some upgrade on expanding their backyard and creating two different levels of patio, one for entertainment and the other to be used as a basketball space. Solution: Xtra Care added two appealing paver patios to the back of the house, a sitting wall along with a drainage system incorporated into a 5” colonial wall. The new looks to the area enriched their backyard and now offers the clients this new pleasing space to [...]

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Project 27

Challenge: These clients were looking to upgrade the front of the house by removing the old porch and an old-fashioned walkway. Solution: Xtra Care created a beautiful and contemporary entrance to the house along with some tall white columns added to the space. Xtra Care also offered the clients a small paver patio at the front that could be used for leisure time, such as a cup of tea in the beautiful summer afternoons. In addition, the new walkway completed the job [...]

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Project 26

Challenge: Fix a very serious drainage on the front yard and create a new sun-resistant landscape on a hill. Solution: A beautiful landscape with rocks was added to the hill, it brought a great multicolor look to the front and on top of it, the client will now have that nice plant blooming for all seasons through the entire year.    

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Project 25

Challenge: The challenge here was to create an area in the back yard where the clients could enjoy with family and friends. Solution: We installed an astonishing paver patio where now clients can make wonderful use in the beautiful days of Spring and Summer. And to complement the new creation, the landscape was improved to give even more life to the back of the house.    

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Project 22

Challenge: Remove existing walkway and give life to the entrance of the house by installing plants. Solution: We installed a beautiful curvy grey walkway bringing that nice contrast with the house, the new flowers were added to the space and now clients will have a colorful and delicate blooming throughout the 4 seasons of the year.    

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Project 20

Challenge: This job was one of the most challenged 2018 projects we had. The backyard had no use, the house had a serious drainage issue, unsafe retaining walls and steps. Client also had no access to go from the side of the house to the back. Solution: We established layers of wood retaining walks in the back giving the slope a very nice look. Re-build existing dry stack walls, stone steps to give access to deck and a set od wood steps [...]

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