Project 22

Challenge: Remove existing walkway and give life to the entrance of the house by installing plants. Solution: We installed a beautiful curvy grey walkway bringing that nice contrast with the house, the new flowers were added to the space and now clients will have a colorful and delicate blooming throughout the 4 seasons of the year.    

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Project 20

Challenge: This job was one of the most challenged 2018 projects we had. The backyard had no use, the house had a serious drainage issue, unsafe retaining walls and steps. Client also had no access to go from the side of the house to the back. Solution: We established layers of wood retaining walks in the back giving the slope a very nice look. Re-build existing dry stack walls, stone steps to give access to deck and a set od wood steps [...]

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Project 19

Challenge: This project brought us challenges in different levels, very nice location but with no privacy. Solution: We were able to create a perfect spot offering the client a chance to enjoy the different Seasons throughout the year. Also, the wood fence brought the client that wanted privacy and the tall trees now deliver a beautiful green color to the area. To enhance even more the space, the new firepit and patio we built completes the magnificent and enjoyable environment. [...]

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Project 18

Challenge: Install a colorful garden for 2018 Spring and Summer as a complement to the lovely waterfall we installed prior. Solution: We added some perennials and annuals that will bring a remarkable blooming for the 2019 season and provide the client that amazing glimpse to the area where is now fully made to be spent with family & friends.    

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Project 16

Challenge: Make a new walkway to match current look of the house, add a new landscaping to complement some of the existing. Solution: We installed a new walkway with a grey color that now matches the wooden window panels shutters of the front of the house. We incorporated a new landscape with existing plant material and the result came out simply amazing bringing that clean glance to the house.    

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