Projects 2017

//Projects 2017

Project 12

Challenge: Mrs. Sternberg bought a new home in Potomac area. This client came from CA and was looking to re-do her landscaping. The interior of the house was very contemporary but was not matching with the outside area. Solution: Xtra Care developed an extraordinary plan to this house, especially for the entrance. The very nice shape irregular steps also brought more elegance to the yard along with the beautiful and colorful Landscaping. Against the house, another list of stone work was done [...]

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Project 11

Challenge: Mrs. Sigal and her family live in Potomac, MD, and are Xtra Care`s current clients. We previously did their entire back ad front yards. The yards are lovely, although, the clients needed an improvement: remove an existing and unsafe bridge that connected the living room with the Pool area. Solution: Xtra Care worked on a special plan that brought more charm to the area and added that special look wished by our clients. We installed a Garden bridge that gives access [...]

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Project 10

Challenge: Mr. and Mrs. Scoma are from Alexandria, VA. This project brought a big challenge to us. The backyard was composed by hills, dirt, a serious drainage issue, and two old concrete block walls. Solution: After developing several drawings to this project, Xtra Care was finally able to create a design that met the client`s needs and expectations. The Drainage issue was addressed by using river stones and ornamental boulders. The big Water Fall in the middle of the garden and all [...]

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Project 09

Challenge: This client had a concrete Driveway on their backyard. The goal was to re-do the space using permeable pavers on a parking space Solution: Xtra Care has experience on working with the permeable pavers` field. The concrete driveway was removed completely, and the new pavers were installed. This type of paver is well recommended because it controls StormWater at the source, reduce runoff, and improve water quality by filtering pollutants in the in the underlying layers. Besides creating a more presentable [...]

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Project 08

Challenge: This project brought Xtra Care a lot of challenge, fix the drainage issue in the back and create a beautiful landscaping in a shade area. The family also had no space for the kids to play and no storage area. Solution: Xtra Care built a plan that accommodated the family`s needs. Besides the Paver work and the Landscaping, we worked on a drainage system up on the hill, creating some walls to support the structure. The patio and walkway added a [...]

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Project 07

Challenge: Mr. Tuchmann is in D.C, NE. His backyard is narrow and composed by details. Since the area is small, the needs were very specifics. Our goal was to build a practical space without maintenance to be used by the family and at the same time add color and beauty to it. Solution: Xtra Care worked on a plan that brought the family a very likable and beautiful environment. In the little play area, we installed artificial turf that now does not [...]

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Project 06

Challenge: Mr. and Mrs. Katulis are a couple from North Bethesda who purchased a new beautiful home 2 years ago and it brought a challenge to Xtra Care. The old backyard had an old concrete patio with a serious water drainage issue. Plus, the couple needed ideas on how to make the under-deck space useful to the family. Solution: Xtra Care improved the existing scenario. The Patio was enlarged, and a Fire place was built. Planters and paver steps were added to [...]

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Project 05

Challenge: Mrs. Jones lives in a very nice area in Bethesda and needed some help with her backyard and side of the house. The challenge here was to create a connection between left and right sides of the house also to create an outdoor living space for entertainment. The backyard had no use since it was composed by hills. Solution: Xtra Care worked on a very suitable design that combined quality, beauty, and a favorable outside environment. We built a patio, a [...]

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Project 04

Challenge: Mr. & Mrs.Brown is young couple in Alexandria,Virginia who has just purchased a home. The backyard is a characterless, dull and uninspiring environment: a small concrete patio and a humdrum patch of grass. Solutions: Xtra Care Landscaping created a Unique design: a below ground Jacuzzi and a large flagstone patio. Now, the backyard is a place where Mr. & Mrs. Brown enjoy their evenings together and love to invite their friends and family over. The Project is only half done, with [...]

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Project 03

Challenge: Mrs.Sigil was dealing with a multitude of problems in the backyard after purchasing her home. There was a water accumulation problem, the pool had leaking issues, the patio was disintegrating and the yard was completely over taken by overgrown plants. Solutions: Xtra Care Landscaping updated the backyard with her budget in mind. We added more wood around the pool, giving it a more modern feel and look. We built a waterfall for the pool, giving it more life and making it [...]

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