Every yard could use a little improvement and we are ready to help you bring out the natural beauty around your home. We can ensure that the designs we install are both unique and functional. Our design staff are experienced professionals with a diverse array of skills. Our installation crews have years of experience, modern equipment, technical skill, and great work ethic. Enhance your home with landscaping!

Our Process

shutterstock_68120209-365x243That’s when our project manager and you will get together and go over your needs. We take the time to understand your goals.
So we’ll initially spend time with you, walking your property, and we will show you how we can make it look beautiful.
We definitely want you to enjoy your house and your garden with your family.

In this meeting he will go over a few things:

  • Family members (child), senior and disables
  • Pets
  • Pest Problems ( deer, rabbit, disease on plants)
  • Hardscape Solution
  • Drainage Problems
  • Water Gardens
  • Fence (privacy needs)
The visit usually takes no more than one hour, it’s a way to visualize your needs and priorities. We will take some pictures and measurements of the area and put everything together so we can work on the design. We must have a survey drawing (PLAT) of the property to continue to the next step.

Our goal is to make you love and feel comfortable in your own yard .

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FREE Consultation

You will receive the first CAD drawing based on the first meeting information. You will see a diagram example of how the project is going to look.
Once the design is conceived, we meet again with you to present our ideas.
We will show and explain to you, not only how it would look, but also, how it would work.
We are happy to make changes on the design and do additional meetings if necessary. We want to ensure your happiness.
As soon the CAD design is approved we can move forward with the 3D pictures.

With the CAD design approved, we will work on the 3D pictures, so you will have a perspective illustration example of how it will look.
We will do our best to make everything look like you always dreamed of.

When we have the CAD and 3D pictures approval, we will start working on the proposal.
At this time, you will have everything like you always imagined on the paper, and the next step is to build it to real life.
Everything is going to be done accordingly to your budget.
The best part! Our professional workers will help us to make your dream come true! We ensure that your landscape is installed to your specifications and with the highest quality, from design to build. We’re always a phone call away, or feel free to stop in if you have any questions regarding plants or your landscape.